Guacamole with la tortilleria corn chips


Mixed marinated olives



Kabana & cheese with pickles & jatz crackers

Crispy chicken bits with house made bbq sauce


Eggplant chips with black garlic aioli


Mac'n bacon & cheese croquettes with chipotle aioli

Flatbread with dips: hummus, tzatziki & sweet corn


BURGERS with crinkle cut chips $22

Beef Burger

Cheese, pickle, beetroot, tomato, Krueger’s bacon, lettuce, house made sauce


Korean fried Chicken burger

sweet potato, herbs, peanuts, pineapple & ginger chutney


Soft Shell Chilli Crab Burger

With tom sum & peanuts


Master Stock Pork Belly Burger

With kewpie, hoi sin, pickles, chilli & coriander


Cauliflower Burger

saganaki,  mushrooms, chutney & aioli


TACOS $22 

Pulled Pork OR Battered flake OR Smokey Beans

All served with 4 soft La Tortilleria tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, rice & beans, house slaw


WOODFIRE PIZZA Small $18          Large $22.5

Hand stretched beer dough

Classic margherita: tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella


Krueger’s scotch ham, olives, onion, bocconcini

Potato, garlic butter,  taleggio & rosemary


House smoked salmon, leek, almonds, fried capers, buffalo mozzarella


Garlic roasted mushroom, walnut pesto, Meredith fetta, rocket


Pepperoni, tomato, chilli, peperonata & mozzarella


Lamb meat ball, tomato, eggplant, mozzarella, fetta & dukkha

Prosciutto, cherry tomato, onion, tapenade, buffalo mozzarella & basil


Gluten free base add $4

*pineapple and anchovies available upon request…



Glazed pork ribs served with onion rings, house slaw and crinkle cut chips $36.5

Wood roasted chicken with beetroot, pumpkin, almonds & grain salad $28.5


DESSERT JAR $10             

Banana fritter with golden syrup & vanilla ice cream


Chocolate ripple malt mousse & whipped cream


Smashed pav with rhubarb, berries & whipped cream

Passionfruit sago with coconut jelly & palm sugar syrup



Includes ICE CREAM & POP TOP $15 each

Cheese pizza 

Ham & cheese pizza 

Cheese burger with crinkle cut chips 

ICE CREAM:  Bubble O Bill OR Barney Banana 

BREAKFAST for the little humans

Bowl of coco pops $5

Ham & cheese jaffle $8.5

Waffles with maple syrup & ice cream $8.5

Fried egg & bacon on toast $8.5


House made toasted grain granola with Greek yoghurt, rhubarb & berry compote $10

Higgins sourdough toast with

 strawberry & lager jam $7


Eggs on toast, Poached, fried, or scrambled $8.5


A bit on the side $3.5 each

Smashed avo                   Bacon

          Sausage                               Grilled tomato

Roasted mushroom            Spinach

    Hash brown                          Corn fritter

Or eggs with the lot $22.5


Fried chicken waffles & maple syrup $18

(yes, it’s a thing)


Waffles with maple syrup & ice cream $15


Cool as sh#t jaffle $18 each

SPC baked beans pimp’d out with chorizo, jack cheese, poached eggs & onion rings


Smoke trout, confit leeks, poached eggs & dill


Bhaji: Indian style mixed veggie, pickle onion, poached eggs & kasundi


Corned beef, gruyere cheese, Sauerkraut

& poached eggs


Pulled pork, cheese, corn salsa, guacamole & poached eggs




Tap Beers

Careful Cobber (Mid Strength Ale)

Simple, clean and easy to drink ale. The perfect knock off beer

ABV: 3.2%   IBU: 22     Small - $5   Large –  $8


Comona (Not quite corona) (Mexican Lager)

26% maize gives this beer it’s freshness. A thirst quencher if ever there was one, the subtlety of it will keep everyone happy.

ABV:4.9%  IBU: 18   Small - $6    Large - $9


Shepp Common (Common Ale)

Traditionally the style for the commoner!  A dry savoury malt character with subtle, well rounded bitterness from Perle hops.

ABV: 5%  IBU: 28     Small - $6     Large - $9


Raymond West 1953 swimming pool & lakeside memorial park Modern IPA

Intoxicatingly refreshing with hints of tropical fruits & pineapple

ABV: 4.6% IBU: 27 Small - $6     Large - $9


Maude Street Pale Ale

A classic Pale Ale style showing biscuity malt character from Veloria malt balanced with delicious aromas and punchy bitterness from Cascade, Centennial & Columbus Hops.

ABV: 5.1%  IBU: 41     Small - $6    Large - $9


Session Red Ale  

A seriously delicious, hop forward, red ale style. Striking red colour, lower carbonation creates a fuller creamier mouthfeel.  Warrior & Amarillo hop character shine through.

ABV: 5.2%  IBU: 30     Small - $6    Large - $9


Fruit sorter (Porter)

Dark and rich and chocolaty but balanced with subtle bitterness & overall smashability.

ABV: 4.5%   IBU: 30     Small - $6   Large –  $9


Boiler Maker $15

The classic beer cocktail. A shot of whiskey with a chaser of our beer.

Wines List Glass $8 .5   Bottle $38


Murchison Sparkling – Murchison

Mitchelton “The Bend” Moscato – Nagambie

Tallis “Dookie Hills” Riesling – Dookie

Mitchelton “The Bend” Sauvignon Blanc – Nagambie

Fowles “Are You Game” Pinot Grigio – Strathbogie Ranges

Murchison Chardonnay – Murchison

Wine by Sam “The Victorian” Pinot Rose – Strathbogie Ranges



Seraphim “Ess Ess” Pinot Noir – Yarra Valley

Tallis “Dookie Hills” Sangiovese – Dookie

Hide & Seek Shiraz – Nagambie

Wine by Sam “The Victorian” Cab Merlot – Strathbogie Ranges

Murchison Cabernet Sauvignon – Murchison


Spirits $9 A selection of basic spirits

Premium spirits $12 focusing on Victorian distilleries


Soft drinks and House Made Cordials (ask at the bar for flavours) $4

Coke, no sugar coke, lemonade, raspberry, ginger beer, apple & orange juice


Tea/Coffee/Hot Choc coffee by clockwork coffee from $4

Iced Coffee & Iced Chocolate $6


Thursday  5pm-10pm

Friday 11.30am-10pm

Saturday  11.30am- 10pm

Sunday  11.30am-3pm


15 Edward Street

Shepparton 3630 VIC

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​T  /  03 5821 9776


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