SNACKS $6.50

Roasted spiced mixed nuts


Guacamole with la tortilleria corn chips


Krueger’s kabana, cheese, pickles & jatz crackers



Crispy chicken bits with house made bbq sauce


Eggplant chips with black garlic aioli

Flatbread with dips: hummus, spiced pumpkin & sweet corn


BURGERS with crinkle cut chips $20

Beef Burger

Cheese, pickle, beetroot, tomato, Krueger’s bacon, lettuce, house made sauce


Tandoori Chicken burger

cucumber, tomato, onion salad, mango chutney & spicy aioli


Cauliflower Burger

cheese, lettuce, chutney & aioli


TACOS $20  

Pulled Pork OR Battered flake OR Smokey Beans

All served with 4 soft La Tortilleria tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, rice & beans, house slaw



Includes ICE CREAM & POP TOP $15 each

Cheese pizza 

Ham & cheese pizza 

Cheese burger with crinkle cut chips 

ICE CREAM:  Bubble O Bill OR Barney Banana 

WOODFIRE PIZZA Small $18          Large $22.5

Hand stretched beer dough

Classic margherita: tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella


Krueger’s scotch ham, olives, onion, bocconcini

The super cheesy greens pizza


House smoked salmon, leek, almonds, fried capers, buffalo mozzarella


Garlic roasted mushroom, walnut pesto, Meredith fetta, rocket


Pepperoni, tomato, chilli, peperonata & mozzarella


Lamb meat ball, tomato, eggplant, mozzarella, fetta & dukkha

Bratwurst sausage, potato, taleggio, mustard aioli, caramelized onion


Gluten free base add $4

*pineapple and anchovies available upon request…


HOMEMADE PIE with mushy peas & crinkle cut chips $25

Beef & porter pie with tomato chutney              

Venison & red ale pie with pear & ginger chutney



Glazed pork ribs & smoked beef brisket served with onion rings, house slaw and crinkle cut chips $32.5

Wood roasted lamb with beetroot, pumpkin, almonds & grain salad $30


DESSERT JAR $10             

Honey panna cotta with apple & candied walnuts


Malt mousse chocolate ripple cake & whipped cream


Sticky date, caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream


BREAKFAST for the little humans

Bowl of coco pops $5

Ham & cheese jaffle $8.5

Waffles with maple syrup & ice cream $8.5

Fried egg & bacon on toast $8.5


House made toasted grain granola with Greek yoghurt, rhubarb & berry compote $10


Porridge with caramelised apple & sultana $10


Higgins sourdough toast with

 strawberry & lager jam $7


Eggs on toast, Poached, fried, or scrambled $8.5


A bit on the side $3.5 each

Smashed avo                   Bacon

          Sausage                               Grilled tomato

Roasted mushroom            Spinach

    Hash brown                          Corn fritter

Or eggs with the lot $22.5


Fried chicken waffles & maple syrup $18

(yes, it’s a thing)


Waffles with maple syrup & ice cream $15


Cool as sh#t jaffle $18 each

SPC baked beans pimp’d out with chorizo, jack cheese, poached eggs & onion rings


Smoke trout, confit leeks, poached eggs & dill


Bhaji: Indian style mixed veggie, pickle onion, poached eggs & kasundi


Corned beef, gruyere cheese, Sauerkraut

& poached eggs


Pulled pork, cheese, corn salsa, guacamole & poached eggs


Banana, Nutella, custard, ice cream & fairy floss



Tap Beers

Careful Cobber (Mid Strength Ale)

Simple, clean and easy to drink ale. The perfect knock off beer

ABV: 3.2%   IBU: 22     Small - $5   Large –  $8


Comona (Not quite corona) (Mexican Lager)

26% maize gives this beer it’s freshness. A thirst quencher if ever there was one, the subtlety of it will keep everyone happy.

ABV:4.9%  IBU: 18   Small - $6    Large - $9


Shepp Common (Common Ale)

Traditionally the style for the commoner!  A dry savoury malt character with subtle, well rounded bitterness from Perle hops.

ABV: 5%  IBU: 28     Small - $6     Large - $9


Raymond West 1953 swimming pool & lakeside memorial park reserve ale

Intoxicatingly refreshing with hints of tropical fruits & pineapple

ABV: 4.6% IBU: 27 Small - $6     Large - $9


Maude Street Pale Ale

A classic Pale Ale style showing biscuity malt character from Veloria malt balanced with delicious aromas and punchy bitterness from Cascade, Centennial & Columbus Hops.

ABV: 5.1%  IBU: 41     Small - $6    Large - $9


Session Red Ale  

A seriously delicious, hop forward, red ale style. Striking red colour, lower carbonation creates a fuller creamier mouthfeel.  Warrior & Amarillo hop character shine through.

ABV: 5.2%  IBU: 30     Small - $6    Large - $9


Importer Exporter (Porter)

Dark and rich and chocolaty but balanced with subtle bitterness & overall smashability.

ABV: 4.5%   IBU: 30     Small - $6   Large –  $9


Boiler Maker $15

The classic beer cocktail. A shot of whiskey with a chaser of our beer.

Choice of three: The American, The British or

The Australian

Wines List Glass $8    Bottle $35


Murchison Sparkling – Murchison

Mitchelton “The Bend” Moscato – Nagambie

Tallis “Dookie Hills” Riesling – Dookie

Mitchelton “The Bend” Sauvignon Blanc – Nagambie

Fowles “Are You Game” Pinot Grigio – Strathbogie Ranges

Murchison Chardonnay – Murchison

Wine by Sam “The Victorian” Pinot Rose – Strathbogie Ranges



Seraphim “Ess Ess” Pinot Noir – Yarra Valley

Tallis “Dookie Hills” Sangiovese – Dookie

Hide & Seek Shiraz – Nagambie

Wine by Sam “The Victorian” Cab Merlot – Strathbogie Ranges

Maygars Hill Cabernet Sauvignon – Longwood


Spirits $9 A selection of basic spirits

Premium spirits $12 focusing on Victorian distilleries


Soft drinks and House Made Cordials (ask at the bar for flavours) $4

Coke, no sugar coke, lemonade, raspberry, ginger beer, apple & orange juice


Tea/Coffee/Hot Choc coffee by clockwork coffee from $4

Iced Coffee & Iced Chocolate $6


Thursday Street Food Night 5pm-10pm

Friday 12pm-10pm

Saturday  8am- 10pm

Sunday Spit Roast Lunch 8am-3pm


15 Edward Street

Shepparton 3630 VIC

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